Road cycling in Mallorca – my insights after a three-day journey to Palma

With its 300 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures between 10°C and 26°C, Mallorca is said to be an all-year-round paradise for road cyclists. Based on the 3 days spent around Palma I sum up my insights about cycling in Mallorca. Spoiler: it really is a heaven for roadies! 🙂

How to prepare for Virtual Half-Everesting

Everesting and Half-Everesting are THE challenges for hardcore climbers – pick a climb and ride up and down until you reach the cumulative elevation gain of 8.848 m / 4.424 m. No sleeping allowed. Sounds simple, but it isn’t 🙂

Some succeed. Here’s a short Q&A with a recent virtual Half-Everester. Enjoy!

Climbing more than 1,300m in a day in Mallorca

The first day in Mallorca was one of the most beautiful and challenging in my (short) road cycling experience. With more than 1.300 elevation gain, it was more than I’ve climbed in my whole road cycling experience!

Relaxing ride with scenic views (Sibiu – Cisnadioara, Romania)

The challenging ride to Păltiniș from the previous day had definitely had an impact on us – the muscle soreness and lack of energy were at high levels when we woke up. However, our determination to ride also on the second day of the Sibiu adventure was stronger than the pain we felt. So after a quick breakfast at Nod Pub we were up in the saddle and ready for another climb.

First (of the many) real climb on the road cycle (Sibiu – Paltinis, Romania)

Saturday very early in the morning we left from Bucharest, sleepy but overly excited. At around 11.00 we arrived in Sibiu, ready for the ride! This time I was better equipped than the previous ride to Paltinu – I had a beautiful cycling jersey and my own lovely helmet. The bike was still rented, however it was perfectly sized for me.

How the road cycling adventure began (Campina – Paltinu, Romania)

Saturday at noon. Here I was, in a beautiful park in Câmpina, at the base of the first hill I was going to climb on a road cycle. Equipped with a rented bike, a borrowed helmet and an improvised cycling kit (only the bibs were designed with that purpose in mind), but also with a lot of enthusiasm and a bit of anxiety.

Hop on the saddle!

Why? Cycling Out and About was born out of the desire to document my cycling adventures and to share with other cyclists the trails I discover in my home country Romania and also around Europe. I also aim to encourage road cycling among women. My first impression based on the people I see on the…