Road cycling in Mallorca – my insights after a three-day journey to Palma

With its 300 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures between 10°C and 26°C, Mallorca is said to be an all-year-round paradise for road cyclists.

During my three-day cycling holiday in Palma de Mallorca, back in September 2019, I discovered what the island has to offer in this regard:

Day 1: A challenging day, with more than 1,300m climbed

Day 2: An almost recovery ride on the coast with 800m climbed

Day 3: A 2h route near Palma, a ride for when you’re short on time

Based on these three rides / days I sum up my insights about cycling in Mallorca. Spoiler: it really is a heaven for roadies! 🙂


(+) Well-connected and approachable hills

One great advantage of Mallorca, at least close to Palma, is that the climbs are very well connected. For instance, you can start off the morning in the city center, head out west for a 70km loop and end up with close to 1,500m cumulated elevation gain under your seat.

But fear not, the gradients are approachable for beginners. Back in September I was at the beginning of my climbing experience and I did enjoy a lot riding uphill in Mallorca. If you’re into steeper ascents, there are also plenty of opportunities for hardcore cyclists.

mallorca esporles

(+) Amazing scenery, hills and coastal routes

Mallorca offers hills and forests, limestone and beaches, touristic cities and peaceful rural towns. You can easily integrate all of the above into a single day ride.

Imagine having your morning coffee close to the beach, then a chocolate cake in a small town (after a tough climb), and a late lunch at a restaurant in an uphill citadel. If you’re lucky, you might even spot wild goats on the way!

es capdella cyclingoutandabout

(+) Plenty of renting options for road bikes

The popularity of Mallorca as road cycling destination reflects in the multitude of great renting options. Depending on the rental center and your accommodation in Mallorca, you can even have your bike delivered at the hotel.

We rented bikes from Rapha and Nano Bicycles, and we were very happy with the service and the quality of the bikes. At Rapha you can also enjoy delicious specialty coffee and have a tasty breakfast before your ride.


(+) Smooth and car-free roads

The quality of the roads network in Mallorca is very good – some seem newly built, and the older ones are very well maintained.

Another important aspect (at least for me) was the low density of cars on the secondary roads. Once you get out of the main road and head to the hills, you hardly see any vehicles for kilometers; except for bicycles that is 🙂


(+) Great option for a weekend trip

If you live in Europe and you’re looking for a cycling trip for the weekend, Palma is a great option. It is well connected in terms of flights and the airport is super close to the city (10′ by car).

From Palma you can quickly ride to the close-by hills and start climbing, or you can enjoy flat coastal rides. Even in Palma there is a bike lane along the city for safe and speedy access to and fro the city center.

Plus the weather is good for cycling almost any day of the year!


(-) Palma as party destination

Depending on your personal preferences, this aspect can be an advantage or disadvantage 🙂 For us it was the latter, as Palma was quite crowded and at times louder than we had wished.

Accommodation availability and prices can also be influenced by peak holiday season, big events (eg. tennis tournaments), so do your research for your trip.

palma mallorca bay road cycling out and about

Mallorca was a great find as a road cycling destination and we are looking forward to going back and exploring other parts of the island!

Ride on!



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