Road cycling route near Palma de Mallorca when you’re short on time

September 2019

After two challenging days in Mallorca – a full-day ride with more than 1.300 m climbed and an (almost) recovery ride with 860 m climbed, for the final day we chose a shorter ride. The main reason was the time constraint, due to an early afternoon flight back home.

However, this shorter route was lovely and perfect to say goodbye to the Mallorquin hills. Or better … see you later!

Cycling route

Distance: 25 km | Elevation gain: 390 m (max elevation: 380 m)

Route: Palma – Establiments – Coll Sa Creu – Palma

short route palma de mallorca road cycling out and about 1
short route palma de mallorca road cycling out and about 2

This route is a great option if you are short on time! For example, it’s a good option for an early morning ride if you have your flight in the afternoon, or a later afternoon ride if you’ve just arrived to Palma and you want to try your rented bike.

This loop ride is short – only 25 km – but still offers a punchy climb of 400 m. It’s easy to navigate out and into the city, and you get to lovely hills where you can enjoy great views of Palma.

mallorca road cycling
Early morning on the hills

From Palma de Mallorca the route goes to Establiments on a shallow gradient. Then the climb starts, culminating with Coll Sa Creu – the hill we climbed every day during our three-day cycling adventure. From there we descended to Palma, ending the route in less than 2 hours.

mallorca road cycling coll sa creu descend
Spot the speedy road cyclist 🙂

Rented bike

Model: Specialized Roubaix 2020

The bike was rented from Nanobicycles. It was in very good condition and I quickly felt comfortable with it. On the Nanobicycles website you can find multiple cycling routes in Mallorca – this is very useful as inspiration when designing your adventure!

Ride on!



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