Cycling to the Westernmost point of Europe (Cascais – Cabo da Roca, Portugal)

During a short city break to Lisbon (Portugal), back in 2019, we also planned an exciting route to Cabo da Roca, the Westernmost point of continental Europe. This was my first road cycling experience in a foreign country, all the others trips being in Romania (you can read more about my Romanian road cycling trips here).

The day had all the prerequisites to be a perfect one.  After a delicious coffee and a quick bite at Copenhagen Lab, we went to the rental place (2′ walking) and took our lovely bikes for the day. From Lisbon to Cascais we went by train (approx 1h), and from there we started the cycling route.

A sugary treat and a delicious coffee before hitting the road

Cycling route in a nutshell

Distance: 46 km | Elevation gain: 575 m (max elevation: 260 m);

Start: Cascais | Turnaround: Cabo da Roca


Starting from Cascais there is a 5 km bike path that takes you along the Atlantic coast, with scenic views of the Sintra mountains. During this route segment you will enjoy the amazing coastline while hearing ocean waves on the background, and you may spot kitesurfers on the way.

Lovely views of the Atlantic coast
Bici lane 🙂 In Romanian we also use “bici” as short form of the word bicicleta

Climbing to Cabo da Roca

After the false flat bike path we started the uphill ride to Cabo da Roca, through the Sintra – Cascais National Park. The climb was challenging enough for a newbie, especially given the warm day, though the shadowy legs of the trip were making it much more enjoyable.

There were very few drivers on the road, and they were respectful and careful with cyclists.

Riding through the forest

The uphill ride was definitely worth it! Cabo da Roca is a lovely place, quite touristy though for riding a bike around there. We went briefly to the monument and took some touristic selfies, then hopped on the saddle to get back to Cascais. It was more about the journey, not the destination.

“Selfie” at Cabo da Roca
Real selfie at Cabo da Roca

Descending from Cabo da Roca

On the way back we had mainly a downhill ride, but it required a lot of focus because of the windy road.

Oh, the ocean views!

After getting out of the forest, we took an alternative route through a small village. I enjoyed a lot going off the beaten track and sinking in the local atmosphere.

Small village on the way back to Cascais

The descent from Cascais offered amazing views, the type you see on postcards. Like the one below.

With love from Cascais

Back to Cascais

Getting closer to Cascais meant getting closer to the beach … despite not being a huge fan of sun bathing, it was so very tempting!

An improvised part of the cycling lane – a bit sandy 🙂

Useful tip: In case you decide to go cycling in Lisbon during summer time, be prepared with sun screen and UV protective arm sleeves, they can save you a lot of pain.

The road bike

Model: Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc

The bike was rented from Lisbon Bike Rentals, a Canyon official partner. It was in extremely good condition and the service provided by their team was very good. For example, we forgot our water bottles at home and they offered to borrow the ones they had at the shop.

Tip: if you are planning to buy a bike from Canyon, they can share with you a discount code. It’s not a big discount, but it surely helps when you’re buying a X.000 euro beauty 🙂

Canyon Endurace WMN CF SL Disc

‘Till next time … happy cycling!


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