The classic ride for Bucharest-based road cyclists (Bucharest – Moara Vlasiei, Romania)

If you ask road cyclists who live in Bucharest what is their go-to ride next to the city, most of them will answer “Moara Vlasiei” (especially if they live in the Northern-ish area of Bucharest). And it’s no wonder why …

  • you get out of the city quickly
  • it is appropriate for all types of cyclists
  • it offers room for variation (longer/shorter, out-and-back or loop)
  • depending on the route, you can cycle quite a lot in natural settings (woods, fields)

A short clarification before we continue: “Moara Vlasiei” is a small town, 35 km from Bucharest. Its name means “The Mill of Vlasia”, and Vlasia is the old Slavonic name for Wallachia. Wallachia was the old name used for the Southern region of Romania. Enough geography, let’s get back to cycling πŸ™‚

During my 1 year and a half of road cycling I did this route more than 10 times. Below are three variations that I hope will offer inspiration to other cyclists in Bucharest looking for riding options.

The short and easy ride – 40 km

The easiest and shortest option is to ride towards Moara Vlasiei and turn before reaching it πŸ™‚ For example, we did this route during a cold December day, when we decided to head home after a short break at a space designed to cyclists (there are few benches and bike racks).

Take a break, have a KitKat πŸ™‚

The classic ride – 60 km

When you talk about the classic route to Moara Vlasiei, most probably you refer to the one below. You add a loop to the short ride illustrated above – a loop that gets you further away from the city, through tree-bordered roads and also through a forest. We once saw a deer in the forest – just one second glimpse!

Favourite segment!

The century – 100 km

The aim of this ride was to cycle 100 km (my first century!), so we planned accordingly. You’ll see that we did two loops in the area as we did not want to get far away from the city.

The century ride was a challenging experience, a bit more difficult than expected but I learnt quite some things about myself after going through the 100 km. Looking forward to apply my learnings to the next hundreds of kilometers! πŸ™‚

What are your go-to rides next to your city?

‘Till next time … happy riding!


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