First (of the many) real climb on the road cycle (Sibiu – Paltinis, Romania)

On a May Saturday, very early in the morning, we left from Bucharest, sleepy but overly excited. At around 11.00 we arrived in Sibiu, ready for the ride! This time I was better equipped than the previous ride to Paltinu – I had a beautiful cycling jersey and my own lovely helmet. The bike was still rented, however it was perfectly sized for me.

Three and a half hours later, after 41 km and 683 m elevation gain, I was exhausted and  highly craving for carbs! My second climb was a success! 🙂

Fun fact: Sibiu was flooded by cyclists due to a local cycling race that took place that morning – The Spring Criterium.

1 | Route

Distance: 41 km | Elevation gain: 683 m (max elevation: 1.051 m)

Start: Sibiu park | Turnaround: close to Păltiniș

sibiu paltinis road cycling out and about.png
sibiu paltinis stats road cycling about and about.png

Note: the info from the pictures apply for the whole ride from Sibiu to Paltinis. It’s one of the most challenging road cycling rides in Romania. During our ride we did not go all the way to Paltinis – it’s a challenge for next time! 🙂

Sibiu is a very bike-friendly city! There is a very nice cycling path which starts from city park Sub Arini (Under the Alders) to the famous open-air museum and natural park Dumbrava Sibiului.

sibiu paltinis road cycling out and about picture 4.jpeg

From Dumbrava Sibiului there is an easy climb to Rășinari. This trail gets you through traditional villages with narrow streets and colourful houses.


From Rășinari you either get back to Sibiu or you continue the climb heading to Păltiniș. From here the climb gets challenging, at least for a beginner. However, the views are stunning and truly rewarding!

sibiu paltinis road cycling out and about picture 2.jpeg

! Tip: you can have a delicious meal at Pensiunea Mai (Strada Stezii 384, Rășinari). We stopped there on our way back for a (well-deserved) high carb meal.

2 | Bike

Model: Scott Speedster, size XS

The bike was rented from Light Cycling from Sibiu. It was in extremely good condition and the owner prepared it very well before our ride (clean chain, repair kit and a small pump for the road). Hats off!

! Tip: Călin, the owner of the bikes, is an avid cyclist himself and he is genuinely passionate about bikes. I highly recommend renting a bike from Light Cycling, they offer very good bikes in all sizes, and the service is great!

Ride on!


PS: during this ride I might have fallen in love with road cycling ❤


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