Relaxing ride with scenic views (Sibiu – Cisnadioara, Romania)

May 2019

The challenging ride to Păltiniș from the previous day had definitely had an impact on us – the muscle soreness and lack of energy were at high levels when we woke up. However, our determination to ride also on the second day of the Sibiu adventure was stronger than the pain we felt. So after a quick breakfast at Nod Pub we were up in the saddle and ready for another climb.

bikes road cycling out and about
Our lovely bicycles – my rented Scott and my husband’s Cinelli

The road to Cisnadioara was recommended by Călin from Light Cycling. Two hours later, after 27 km and 324 m elevation gain, I was proud of myself for managing to complete the second ride of the weekend and I was certainly not ready to hand over the lovely rented bike …

1 | Route

Distance: 27 km | Elevation gain: 324 m (max elevation: 591 m)

Start: Sibiu park | Turnaround: Cisnadioara

sibiu cisnadioara road cycling out and about.png
sibiu cisnadioara stats road cycling out and about.png

The road to Cisnadioara had beautiful scenic views and there were very few cars passing by. The slope was very accessible for a beginner, trust me 🙂

Sibiu Cisnadioara road cycling out and about.jpeg

In case you are interested for a longer route, from Cisnadioara you can continue to Cisnadie, adding approx. 10 km.

[Later edit: I did the longer ride one year later and I wrote here about it]

! Tip: you can have a delicious meal at Apfel House (recommendation from Călin)

Sibiu Cisnadioara road cycling out and about 2
Beautiful snow-tipped mountains in the background ❤

2 | Bike

Model: Scott Speedster, size XS

The bike was rented Light Cycling from Sibiu. It was in extremely good condition and the owner prepared it very well before our ride (clean chain, repair kit and a small pump for the road). Hats off!

! Tip: Călin, the owner of the bikes, is an avid cyclist himself and he is genuinely passionate about bikes. I highly recommend renting a bike from Light Cycling, they offer very good bikes in all sizes, and the service is great!

Ride on!



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