Hop on the saddle!


Cycling Out and About was born out of the desire to document my cycling adventures and to share with other cyclists the trails I discover in my home country Romania and also around Europe.

I also aim to encourage road cycling among women. My first impression based on the people I see on the trails is that road cycling is mostly practiced by men, so there is high potential for development in the feminine half of the population (at least in Romania).

[Later edit June 2020: still valid, there are way fewer women on the road, in Romania and abroad]


My name is Georgiana and I am a beginner but fast-learning road cycling enthusiast. I became interested in road cycling after my boyfriend husband (re)discovered his passion for bikes.

Me in Spring 2019, during one of my first rides on a road bike


In terms of what you can read about here, there are mainly brief descriptions of my cycling outings sprinkled with recommendations of places to stop by for a delicious meal or a good specialty coffee.

I also include renting bikes places (including my opinion on their service), thoughts regarding my initiation in road cycling, and other cycling related topics.

Ride on! And happy World Bicycle Day! 🙂


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